Who We Are

LUNE WUF is committed to placing quality and safety at the forefront of our product development and design. Our products undergo testing to ensure both stability and safety for you and your dogs.

All of our products are meticulously handmade in the heart of Singapore. Only using the highest quality and safest materials to create your pet's gear. Each item is tailored to order, uniquely crafted just for you.

LUNE WUF is where durability meets comfort and elegance.

  • showcasing our zinc allow buckle, able to withstand 500kg of pulling strength, yet lightweight for its durability

    The Everyday Collar

    Lightweight for daily use

    Our Everyday Collars features a Zinc Alloy Quick Release Buckle that can withstand 500kgs of force. It's not only durable, but also lightweight for its strength and for your dog's comfort.

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  • our Elite Collar is equipped with AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, extremely durable, able to withstand 900kgs of pulling strength, yet extremely lightweight as its made from aluminium

    The Elite Collar

    Unbreakable for the determined dogs

    Patented locking mechanism that will not open under load. Crafted with 7075 aluminium alloy and with an incredible 900kgs breaking strength - yet lightweight.

    Designed for:

    • Large/X-Large
    • Reactive
    • Strong pullers
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  • all our leashes are equipped with aluminium auto-locking carabiner, that can withstand over 350kgs of pulling strength

    The Everyday Leash

    Stress-free walks with auto-locking

    All our leashes are equipped with an Aluminium Auto-Locking Carabiner made from aviation aluminium. It has a breaking strength of over 350kgs yet lightweight and durable for dogs of all sizes! It features a swivel that ensures our leashes are completely tangle free.

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