Our Story

LUNE WUF takes great pride in the meticulous, handcrafted creation of all our products, right here in Singapore. Each gear we produce is individually crafted to your unique preferences, exclusively made for you.


It all started when Luna the Alaskan Malamute joined the family in 2021. Luna’s playful strength and boundless energy got us questioning, could her collars keep up? As devoted dog parents, we were determined to provide Luna with not just a collar, but one that balanced durability and comfort. Knowing the majestic size she would grow to be, our priority was to ensure her safety during all our adventures together. And this is where our journey began.


We were on a hunt for:

Lightweight, yet strong and durable.

Secure, yet comfortable.

Unique, yet minimalistic.


At Lune Wuf, we take safety as our top priority. All the hardware that we use are all focused on high breaking strength while keeping it lightweight for it's durability. Our choice of nylon webbing material for crafting collars and leashes ensures the utmost comfort and security for your dogs. Each product is custom made to your preferences, all while maintaining an elegant minimalism. Every single collar and leash are crafted with adventure in mind and designed with the goal of ensuring safety.

Let’s build a community together where our dogs are always safe, wherever we go. Join us in creating the ultimate - #lunewufpack, where paws unite for adventure.